Office Container

It allows you to carry your own office wherever you want for different working conditions. You can equip the prefabricated container office as you wish. If you do not have any facilities in the region, you can add to your roof with the solar panel and water tank, you can meet your basic needs, you can have your own private working area with rooms such as kitchen, toilet, bathroom.

You can fit all your standard office needs into this module. You can work alone or expand your office for crowded working groups, and you can move your business to your office in a short time.

You can add any hardware you want, you can have as much space as you want without having to condemn your location and you can work in any city.

The infrastructure for electricity, plumbing and air conditioning is ready. You can make your own project or evaluate the project that we will prepare according to your needs.

Installation etc. is easy to renew. It is resistant to weather conditions and impacts and its durability can be increased upon request.

Whether it is a 24-hour workplace, or if you wish, you can turn into a safe box that can be closed in a very short time when you are done with the doors that can be closed electronically with one button.

When you grow your business, you can expand your workplace by adding modules similar to or above it, or you can then evaluate the surplus module in a different way.

We can project in a short time, we can produce it in a short time and we can install it immediately at the address you want.