Container House

Container House is a highly flexible home solution where you can choose any size and comfort.

Mobile is mobile, you can move to where you want. Easy to install. The infrastructure for electricity, plumbing, wastewater and air conditioning is ready. You can make your own project or evaluate the project that we will prepare according to your needs.

Installation etc. is easy to renew. It is resistant to weather conditions and impacts and its durability can be increased upon request.

In the future, you can expand your settlement area by adding different modules to the side or near it. You can also transfer the surplus module to another location or evaluate it in different ways. With the doors that can be closed electronically, it is possible to turn into a safe box that can be closed in a very short time when you leave the house.

Today you can start with a one-bedroom house, then you can increase the number of rooms, bathrooms, salons, garage for your car, if you want, you can add workshops for yourself. It has features which can be developed more flexible than standard houses. The roof can be used as a terrace.

We can project in a short time, we can produce it in a short time and we can install it immediately at the address you want.