Container Dorm

Our factory is the prefabricated container dormitory model that you may need in places such as factory, construction site, school, camping. Container dormitories are produced in a much shorter time than their counterparts, it is more economical. You can add any hardware. You can have your own bathroom and toilet, or you can have these modules separate from the dormitory.

Mobile is mobile, you can move to where you want. Easy to install. The infrastructure for electricity, plumbing and air conditioning is ready. You can make your own project or evaluate the project that we will prepare according to your needs.

Installation etc. is easy to renew. It is resistant to weather conditions and impacts and its durability can be increased upon request.

You can expand later depending on the capacity you need. You can also evaluate the surplus department by moving it from the existing dormitory to another place. If necessary, different modules can be added to the health unit, waste storage unit etc.

We can project in a short time, we can produce it in a short time and we can install it immediately at the address you want.