Chemical, Hazardous, Medical Waste Container

Chemical waste, hazardous waste is the container solution that can be stored in the most practical way. It is prepared in a short time, it is portable, it is possible to apply any necessary security equipment. Storage can be expanded with modules that can be added as needed.

Safety precautions for the storage of chemical, hazardous, medical waste are ensured in accordance with the regulations.

Container waste depot is economical compared to its peers. The infrastructure for electricity, plumbing is ready. You can make your own project or evaluate the project that we will prepare according to your needs.

Installation etc. is easy to renew. It is resistant to weather conditions and impacts and its durability can be increased upon request.

It can be a 24-hour warehouse, or it can be turned into a safe box that can be closed in a very short time when you are finished.

When you need to transport waste, instead of loading your warehouse to the transport vehicle, you can transfer your warehouse under suitable conditions.

We can project in a short time, we can produce it in a short time and we can install it immediately at the address you want.